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Implementing adequate security measures to protect your business from various cyber threats.
Solutions to Transform Business Security

Solutions to Transform Business Security

Cyberthreats are growing in this digital era and hence taking appropriate measures to keep businesses safe and secure has become essential. With our expert cybersecurity services, we help clients’ businesses to transform digitally while managing all potential risks with efficiency. We address every security issue one by one and cover all blindspots to assist clients in strengthening their cyber defense and helping them attain their digital goals perfectly. Our cybersecurity experts at TechBrein boast expertise in leveraging the right tool and technology to keep cyber threats away.

24×7 SecOps Center to Prevent, Detect & Eliminate

We help prevent and detect all kinds of security attacks that can threaten clients’ business operations with ease. With our broad knowledge of cybersecurity, we eliminate cyber attacks by developing data-driven solutions that give better results. At TechBrein, we provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions built with years of expertise that fit the purpose. Our cybersecurity solutions involve securing not just clients’ business data, but also their website, network, server, cloud, Email, social media and more. All in all, we help clients to tackle every security challenge they face with our diverse range of solutions.

24×7 SecOps Center to Prevent, Detect, Eliminate

Our Top-Notch Solutions

Anti-Spoofing Protection
Vulnerability Assessment for Servers & Workstations
TechBrein boasts a team of talented cybersecurity experts with latest tools who conduct proper vulnerability assessments to identify the threats occurring to clients' servers and workstations. After that, we analyze the complexity of each threat which gives us the opportunity to recommend the best suited solution to clients within a limited timeframe before it impacts critical business operations.
Forensic Backups
Forensic Backups
Hackers or malwares can carry out malicious activities, once they gain unauthorized access to your system, such as stealing or altering the data. Forensic Backup solutions at TechBrein focus on providing backup data with safe custody of the digital evidence which can be utilized for the investigation of cyber incidents. Backups with forensic data contains additional information, which are automatically notarized, that are not found in the regular backups such as snapshots of running processes, unused disk space and memory dumps.
DDoS attack Protection
DDoS attack Protection
Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS is one of the cyber attacks where the attacker causes a rapid increase in server traffic to block users from accessing services or sites of a business. With the deployment of proper defense mechanisms, we help clients' businesses improve resilience against DDoS attacks. Our bespoke solutions are focused on eliminating DDoS threats and boosting server performance.
Ransomware Attack Protection
Ransomware Attack Protection
Ransomware attack involves encrypting business data using malware and the attacker demanding payment to give back access. At TechBrein, we help protect clients' businesses from Ransomware attacks and avoid the chance of paying ransom to cybercriminals. We analyze and manage cyber risks as well as identify vulnerabilities to reduce the influence of attacks.
Anti Malware Protection
Anti-Malware Protection
Malware is malicious software that can harm a computer or a program. TechBrein develops top-notch solutions to deliver real-time protection against malware while utilizing cutting-edge technology. We follow a multilayered approach including URL filtering that avoid users' access to spam sites as well as block unwanted programs to keep clients' business data safe.
Anti-Spoofing Protection
Anti-Spoofing Protection
TechBrein strives to offer Anti-Spoofing solutions to prevent web spoofing as well as email spoofing. Through enabling many levels of security features, we help defend against various web and email spoofing threats occurring to clients' businesses. Our solutions are focused on protecting their users, partners and employees from accessing scam sites and domains that might look similar to their business.
Anti Phishing Protection
Anti-Phishing Protection
Our comprehensive Anti-Phishing solutions are aimed at offering assistance to clients in tackling all kinds of phishing attacks. We provide 360° protection against any intrusions and eliminate the risks of sensitive information from being accessed. Utilizing advanced anti-phishing software and automated scanning, our team make sure clients' emails and sites are kept safe and secure.
Patch Management for Windows and Linux Systems
Patch Management for Servers
With TechBrein's expert Patch Management, we block the vulnerability loopholes by downloading and installing the latest patches. We help clients maintain the security and performance of their Windows and Linux systems while keeping them up-to-date. Furthermore, our team strives to make sure clients' business data is backed up before deploying patches to ensure its safety.
Security Disaster Recovery
Security Disaster Recovery
Failure to implement adequate security systems is the leading cause of security disasters, such as hacking or malware attacks. To ensure business continuity in the event of such disasters, it is crucial to recover critical data with malware detection and removal as quickly as possible. We recognize this need and therefore provide premium security disaster recovery services to assist our clients in minimizing downtime and restoring their business operations as soon as possible.
Managed Cybersecurity Services
Managed Cybersecurity Services
Over the years, we have had the privilege to be the cybersecurity partner of diverse businesses and help them prevent security threats with proactive monitoring and management. Our team of expert cybersecurity professionals leverage advanced cybersecurity tools to assist businesses 24/7 and help detect and prevent potential threats at the earliest as well as manage them before they affect critical business operations.
24x7 Security Operations Centre
24×7 Security Operations Centre
Being the core of any cybersecurity program, Security Operations Centre or SOC plays a vital part in identifying and responding to cyber threats within a network. While our professionals monitor the SOC 24/7, we assist clients to achieve improved security for their organization. Our solutions include threat assessment, fast response to incidents and deployment of effective strategies.

What we Protect

Cybersecurity For Business – Key Insights

The importance of Cybersecurity For Business in digital era.

95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error due to lack of security awareness. (World Economic Forum)
54% of companies say their IT departments are not sophisticated enough to handle advanced cyberattacks. (Sophos)
46% of all cyber breaches impact businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees. (Verizon)
50K websites are hacked daily and there is a security attack on the website every 39 seconds. (DWG)
2.8 Bn
2.8 billion malware attacks happened in the first half of 2022. (Statista)
60% more malicious DDoS attacks occurred during the first six months of 2022. (Govtech)
According to a report by McAfee, ransomware attacks on businesses increased by 62% from 2018 to 2019.
Phishing was the second most common cause of breaches at 16%, costing $4.91m. (IBM)
Average cost of cybercrime for a company increased by 13% in 2020 to $13 million. (Accenture)

Safeguard Your Business with TechBrein’s Top-Notch Cybersecurity Measures

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Why Choose Us


Cybersecurity For Business

Businesses need cybersecurity solutions to protect their sensitive data, intellectual property, financial information, and customer data from cyber threats such as hacking, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks etc. Cyber attacks can lead to data breaches, financial losses, business interruption and more importantly damage to a business’ reputation.

Choosing the right cybersecurity solution for your business depends on factors such as the size and complexity of your IT Infrastructure, the type of data you need to protect, and the specific threats you face. It’s important to work with a trusted security provider who can assess your needs and recommend the right solutions for your business. You must ensure the partner has 24×7 Security Operations Center to monitor, detect and responds to security threats round the clock.

You must ensure that necessary security protections are in place to protect the business data as well as IT systems against various cyber attacks such as DDoS attack, malware attack, ransomware attacks etc. You would also have to ensure that proper threat monitoring, detection and response systems are in place.

The signs vary as per the nature of cyber attack. If the website is hacked, mostly it will not show the actual content. If a website is hit with a malware, the website will behave abnormally such as redirecting to another website, showing unexpected Pop-ups etc. DDoS attack meanwhile would interrupt the services without harming the data. If at all you are under a cyber attack, don’t worry, let us handle it. With our top-notch cybersecurity solutions, we would help eliminate it and let you take back control of your website.

Of course, we would love to. It’s highly recommended to use our backup solutions to protect your data in the event of a security disaster. We provide continuous automated backup solutions help back up your data into a secure cloud which we can retrieve safely whenever necessary.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our social media cybersecurity wing would help recover your social media accounts without data loss or keeping it at minimum. We also address every security issue and strengthen your cyber defense to eliminate any chance of similar risks in the future.

Yes. We help setup Brute Force Detection in place to pick out brute force attacks and stop them before they peak. If it’s too huge to be stopped at the server, we shall advise what needs to be done further. Not only do we stop brute force attacks but also ensure the overall security of your server is bolstered.

While updating the server alone can’t guarantee prevention of cyber attacks, it is one of the basic action to do in order to achieve cybersecurity. Apart from regular security updates, periodic malware and other security scans and detailed security audits must also be done to not only improve the security and eliminate cyber threats but also improve the performance of your server thereby enhancing the efficiency of business operations.

When you enable the Anti-Spoofing solution at TechBrein, it will automatically prevent spoofing as your business to send malicious emails. Our solution also helps filter the spoofed messages from your inbox and eliminate them before they threaten your sensitive data and information.

Clients Speak


arquiNETWORK, Mexico

The server setup and migration was a perfect job. I haven’t had a single problem with the server since then. There was no problem with us being in Mexico, I appreciate TechBrein for they really are available 24×7.


Liv Ayurveda, Sydney

Thank you so much for the websites you have designed. Loved the integrated store and booking system on the website, thank you for recommending it. I am also indebted for all the SEO and SEM works you do for my clinic.

Rafeena Kidavintavida
Any IT Parts

AnyITParts, Dubai

Extremely satisfied with the E-Commerce store TechBrein developed for us. We got everything we asked for and many more. Truly satisfied with the interface and usability.


MyG, India

We would like to thank TechBrein for the assistance they provided for our digital marketing efforts for our Ecommerce website. The SEO strategy they recommended and the activities worked truly well and helped us attain better search ranks and bring more visitors. Revenue from Ecommerce operations have also increased a result. As part of the strategy, they also delivered quality and SEO-friendly content every month and this played a big part in reaping excellent results. All in all, TechBrein has satisfied us with their expert and professional way of doing Ecommerce SEO.


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