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TechBrein has a unique process of performing Search Engine Optimization. We perform keywords research based on industry & locality, Content analysis & tweaking, HTML Code Optimization & Website Speed Analysis. We will help you to catapult your SERP rank and visibility.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the ranking of a website in leading search engines. SEO for a website will be effective only if you study the respective market and act intelligently. We at TechBrein, study well about the market and competitors to apply our intelligence in the website elements to rank it higher than the competitor websites. Search Engine Optimization is not just a process of improving the rankings but to attract more and more users to your website. The SEO for each website will be different depending on the nature and locality of the business. We use our logical brilliance to find you the best keywords that can potentially improve your ranks. We also create interlinks between your website, backlink your website and make your website content SEO friendly. TechBrein is the SEO agency you can trust!

Sign Up with TechBrein for Search Engine Marketing and witness your revenue fly to the next level.

Are your products and services not moving well? Is your website not visible in SERPs? Then you ought to bolster your digital marketing area or else you will fall behind your competitors. TechBrein’s Search Engine marketing can let your website, products, and services have a long stride. We can run Ads on pay per click(PPC) basis for you that can give you better leads and engagement within a short period. In our decade long spell in Digital Marketing, we have helped many brands to take a big leap. Entrust us your Search Engine marketing with us and take your business to the place you yearn to reach. Our professional comprehensive SEM process includes thorough research, strategizing, implementation, testing, and tracking.

Whether it is a small business or a large company we always keep a standard in our works. We relentlessly search for the right gap through which you could reach the desired destination. Keeping in mind the gap, we can create campaigns for you through which you could generate leads. Join hands with TechBrein and enhance your exposure on a large scale


We can market your local business online. At TechBrein we do Local SEO for you so that you will get more local customers in your locality. We find out the relevant search keywords and optimize your website accordingly so that if someone from your geographical area searches with the same keyword, you will pop up top on the results.

Have an online store but no sales? Entrust us your E-Commerce SEO works with us. Your online store will be the first thing that comes on the search engine results. Our SEO executives always use updated techniques so that our clients can stay top in this digitalized era. Join your hands with TechBrein and witness a boost in traffic, sales, and ROI.

Doing SEO for web applications is necessary to enhance engagement and traffic. TechBrein has extensive experience in the SEO field and has helped many business web applications to come up high in the search engine ranking. The market witnesses a vigorous competition and it is high time for you to implement an SEO strategy.

Improve the technical aspects of your website with TechBrein and enhance marketability. Our Technical SEO includes using SSL, making a website mobile-friendly, improving the performance, getting rid of duplicate content, creation of XML maps, etc. Our SEO executives not only know digital marketing but also are well versed in the technical area making us a better place for you to entrust your technical SEO works.

We give the right content and structure for your website and let the search engine crawlers find your website. Publishing quality content, optimizing page content, heading formatting, adding SEO images, URL optimization, internal and external linking, etc are some of the things we do in your on-page SEO works.

We want our clients to get better recognition and reach better heights. We want them to grow wider and make them well known. To that end, we also do off-page SEO which refers to carrying out SEO techniques in other web pages and linking to the main website. This can give better SERP (Search engine result page) ranks.

A Website may get penalized and blocked when it uses black hat SEO techniques extensively as it violates many rules. If your website is blocked by google, then do not worry. We will help you restore your website and let it come back strongly to the rank list.


Our SEM team is passionate and they initially understand the audience. They identify what the audience needs and create a campaign that can pull them towards you.

We never consider our job done after creating a campaign. We periodically track the performance and optimize in order to better the results.

We always provide an encyclopedic report that details the result of the previous month’s performance. The reports will include the result of every area like traffic, lead, clicks, etc.

Organic optimization will take a wee bit of time to show results. But paid campaigns tend to give results instantaneously.

You do not have to invest when it comes to search engine marketing. Even though, the results of the paid campaign will put you in the state of awe.


  • Gives you better search engine ranking
  • Enhances Website Traffic
  • Improves Conversion rate
  • Enhances leads
  • Builds trust and credibility
  • Better visibility in SERPs
  • Improves brand awareness and recognition
  • Result oriented approach
  • Increases business value
  • Improves the safety and security of your website


  • Gives instant results
  • Better qualified leads
  • Better ROI
  • Cost – effective campaign management
  • Effective Campaign
  • Better visibility in SERPs
  • Professional Approach
  • Better conversion rate
  • Brings more traffic
  • Enhanced brand recognition
Our Workflow
Gather Info About Client
Perform a Website SEO Audit
Industry Research
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
Prepare SEO Strategy
Setup Search
On-Page & Off-page SEO
Perform SEO Check Ups Regularly & Take necessary actions to fix issues if any.
Monitor SEO Performance Regularly & take necessary action based on the data.
Our Workflow
Analyzing the competitors
Defining the goal
Doing keyword research
Initiating campaign
Create and Run Ads
Tracking the performance