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Website Speed Optimization & Server Migration for a news portal website

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Suprabhatham News

One of the Leading Newspapers in Kerala, India.

Pain Points

Their news portal hosted onsite was going down intermittently and also was loading very slow while it was up. Being a news portal with lots of content, It was taking more than a minute to load the entire components on the page. Website traffic and SEO were affected as a result.
Posting content on the backend was taking too much time and getting hung at times.


  • Improve website speed
  • Get posting content done in quick time.


Investigated the issue and found two major issues for with the Infrastructure setup of client
1) The website was hosted on a onsite server which had issues with network bandwidth. Their resident IT engineers had to spend majority of their time on the server to fix various issues.
2) SQL queries were taking too long to get results.
3) Caching was setup already, but still was not properly configured.


  • Migrate the server to a remote data centre.
  • Optimize WordPress along with tweaking SQL queries & cache.
  • Optimize MySQL server.
  • Optimize web server along with cache.
  • 24×7 Server Management by TechBrein.


Migrated the server hassle free without any downtime. Server started to load much faster, still not at the desired level. But more importantly, we found permanent solution for many of the issues client was facing with onsite server such as difficulty in recovering from hardware issues, network bandwidth issues, internet failures, power failures etc.
The database setup had stock WordPress MySQL configuration which was never enough for a website with large traffic.

  • Optimized the database server to perform its fullest.
  • Tables were optimized. Added & removed indexes as appropriate.
  • Tweaked a few queries.


The website became pretty fast and it started to load within 3 seconds. Performance improved by a whopping 1000% that too without any hardware upgrade. Website traffic and SEO also improved by a huge margin since the performance upgrade.
Client was able to ensure website uptime, best performance and reduce cost with outsourcing server management to TechBrein. Productivity of Onsite IT Engineers were also improved as they were able to work on non-server related IT issues at the premises which they had expertise on.


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