Server Migration for ArquiNetwork, Mexico

ArquiNetwork, Mexico

ArquiNetwork is an online magazine that presents a long list of the most outstanding works of Latin American architecture. It’s an ideal tool to promote the work of young Latin American architects and take inspiration from them.

Pain Points
  • High downtime
  • Poor website performance
  • Frequent server outages
  • Absence of the right strategy
  • Lack of time to manage server
  • No efficient customer support
  • Low security


We kicked off our work by setting up the server professionally. We installed the necessary software for monitoring the server. Following that, we did a comprehensive server audit in which we found out some issues, which were fixed them immediately. We also hardened the server to solidify the security. Moreover, 24×7 monitoring and management were provided.


  • Downtime reduced massively
  • The availability of hosted websites improved
  • Tackled server outages
  • Kept security breaches at bay
  • Total server performance improved

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