UI/UX Design

User-friendly and compelling design is the key to any digital product as it reflects your business. For any brand website or mobile application, it is important to have an impressive design. TechBrein boasts an experienced team of designers who can ideate, design and implement the best design for your company. We make your digital face attractive and appealing and make you be the company that you crave to be. While designing your UI, we make sure that it is in a way it can give your customers a whole new experience. Brand your company with the best designers at TechBrein. We customize designs according to your specified needs. We take note of all your needs and make sure it is perfectly designed and smartly placed with the right contents.

TechBrein has been working for years with large B2B businesses across all the industries covering enterprises in health care, education, and information technology fields. We design in a way that is useful, usable, empowering and affordable. We make sure our clients have a compelling UI/UX design that can help them compete with top players and to build up an image in the minds of the consumer and the market.

In this era where everything is run by SAAS, everything you do for the functional upgradation of a business website can help achieve industry goals. We don’t just design for the sake of it, rather we make sure the design is simplified and is graspable to any person. We also make sure our clients can adhere to us by furnishing them with varieties of budgetary options that fit into their pockets.


Motion Designs

Engaging a customer is the key role for any design. Lately, motion design has become trending in the market. Users have started to respond more to animation. Other than attracting customers, Motion designs help your company create a brand image. Our talented and experienced designers help you create a design that will surely please your clients and provide them with better user experiences.

3D Designs

3D graphics in interfaces blend dynamic graphics and texts creating a much better user experience. Applying 3D effects can create deep affection for your brand. 3D features make customers interact with you by making them more engaged with your brand’s website or mobile applications. 3D designs normally come at a high price but at TechBrein it is affordable

Surreal Design


Take your customers to a ride with your brand by enabling surreal designs. With the surreal designs we use at TechBrein, your customer feels that they are inside your brand and it create a whole new world within your brand for them.

Classic & Fancy Colours

Designers love to experiment and play with colors. Colors have the capability to evoke feelings so using the right color for your design is a crucial task. Our designers choose the right blend of colors that suits your brand identity.

UI/UX Design


  • Provides great user experience
  • Makes the user engaged
  • Compels the user to spend more time on your page
  • You get a competitive advantage
  • Gives a better brand recognition
  • Enhances your goodwill
  • Makes it easy to navigate for the user
  • Gives our website a professional touch
  • Enhances the website traffic
UI/UX Design


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