Database Administration

Database Administration

Database administration is critical for the smooth running of a business, especially if it uses a database management system. After all, every business has a database these days and with it comes the need to secure it as well as prevent unauthorized access. That is why you need an expert database administrator at your disposal. At TechBrein, we have experienced database administrators who can assist you from installing a database management system to setting up IT infrastructure for applications to access databases. Furthermore, we ensure your database stays protected and is accessible at any time. Regular backups are done as well so that a power outage or an unexpected disaster does not affect your business. Ultimately, with TechBrein, you will be able to focus on your business while we take care of the administration of your databases.



MySQL is a structured query language (SQL) based relational database management system (RDBMS) that is used in e-commerce, data warehousing, application logging, and so on. Besides, it is one of the most popular databases with widespread usage among multiple industries.


A fork of MySQL, MariaDB, is used as a compatible drop-in replacement for the extensively used MySQL. However, the two database management systems have their differences. For instance, MariaDB supports multiple storage engines and offers better performance in several factors.


PostgreSQL is also a relational database management system that offers extensibility, SQL compliance and high stability. Furthermore, it is used as the primary data warehouse for web applications, mobile applications, geospatial applications, etc.

Why Choose Us for Database Administration

Assistance in Decision Making

A quick decision is significant for businesses to keep up with the competition. With our database administration, your data is well managed so that you can get the essential information to speed up decision making.

Enhanced Data Security

One of the purposes of database administration is to boost data security. Towards this, we ensure that only authorized users with authentication get to access the databases using the most suitable DBMS for your business.

Improved Data Integrity

Data integrity refers to the accuracy and consistency of data in a database. Ensuring data integrity is crucial as it is what makes it worthy. Our data administrators help you choose the right DBMS to improve the integrity of your data

Recovery and Backup

Regular backups and the ability to recover data in case of a failure is essential to keep your business running. A DBMS takes care of it all, and our database administrators assist you in selecting a DBMS that fits your business, installing it, and managing the database.

Increased Sales

With data administration, you get access to valuable and quality data beneficial for your business. These data can help you offer products or services based on customers’ interests. Our database administrators can provide you with the guidance you need to make the most out of your dat


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